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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! Serving over a hundred churches in our district in the great state of Arkansas, connecting and equipping youth ministry is our goal. Whether you are an adult youth worker, pastor, or a teenager, we hope you find the information you need to help you build a great youth ministry. Join us in ministry to the youth of the SouthWest district.


Every Christian is a witness for Christ. We cannot bear the name Christian without indicating by our words and deeds what Christ means to us. We are empowered by our faith. We also invest the word Christian with meaning by the way we live our faith. The only gospel some of our friends will ever know will come from their relationship with us.


Because of what God has done for us, we offer our lives back to God through a life of service. As disciples, we become active participants in God’s activity in the world through mission and service. Love of God is always linked to love of neighbor and to a passionate commitment to seeking justice and renewal in the world.


The SWDCYM helps youth develop into leaders at all levels in the United Methodist Church, from local church youth groups to conference boards and agencies, and even to our jurisdictional and global councils on youth ministry. SWDCYM provides youth opportunities for adventure, self-discovery, cultural exchange, leadership-building, and service through various training events.

Spring Rally 2019

Come join us as we worship, fellowship and do leadership building at FUMC Texarkana.  We will also be doing screenings for youth wanting to participate in both DCYM and CCYM.  You must bring your completed application with you along with your referral letter from either a teacher, youth pastor, youth leader, or church pastor in a sealed envelope. If you do not have your completed application with you, you will not be allowed to screen for CCYM. You will be allowed to screen for District Council.

Student leadership is extremely important to us in everything that we do, and we want your leaders! Each Church in our district is invited to the district meetings, to help plan and get connected. This is extremely important to us that you join the meetings in the upcoming year! We plan these events for YOU and if it’s not something that you like we won’t know to do any different!
Winter Rally.
Usually Early December
Winter Rally is an action-packed day filled with Methodist churches around the southwest area of Arkansas. At Winter Rally we start off by playing fun games that help us get to know each other, then we went go to our first worship session. Worship at Winter Rally has a band filled with DCYM youth and a powerful worship environment. Each year a different speaker will be prepared to preach over a certain theme and you will split into small groups. Overall winter rally is a life-changing experience you will never forget.
Spring Rally.
Usually Late April
Our Spring Rally focuses on leadership training, worship, small groups, fellowship and a time for all youth who wish to screen (interview) to be a member on the District Council on Youth Ministries and the Conference Council on Youth Ministries.
August 3-10, 2018
During youth week, each church participates in community service activities around their neighborhood. On the Friday of youth week, DCYM encourages youth groups to come to the Methodist Family Health Fundraiser, Bright Nights. Bright Nights is a Methodist Family Health Event that takes place at Big Rock Fun Park which is a mini-golf course and go-cart track! On Sunday, the Travelers baseball game takes place.DCYM has their own section and food provided which provides a space for youth to have fellowship with peers around their district in a fun setting!

ACCYM Events.
We provide opportunities for United Methodist youth in the state of Arkansas to strengthen their faith in Christ by leading, fellowshipping, and serving. Members of the ACCYM commit a great deal of time to this ministry, but they also benefit in many ways. They get to plan events from beginning to end and get to work behind the scenes to make those events happen. They also make lasting friendships, become better leaders, and grow in their faith along the way. Do you believe that youth have a voice in the United Methodist Church? Do you wish your voice could be heard? Then consider joining the Arkansas Conference Council on Youth Ministries (ACCYM) this spring! Youth in grades 10 – 12 serve on the ACCYM for an entire calendar year. So every year there are openings for new youth to join and become part of a great discipleship and personal growth experience! Now is the time to add your name and your voice to this group whose entire focus is connecting youth to God through the church.
Opportunity is


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