Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! Serving over a hundred churches in our district in the great state of Arkansas, connecting and equipping youth ministry is our goal. Whether you are an adult youth worker, pastor, or a teenager, we hope you find the information you need to help you build a great youth ministry. Join us in ministry to the youth of the SouthWest district.

First of all, DCYM stands for the District Council on Youth Ministry.

We minister to the youth who are involved in our local churches, and help build their faith by putting on district-wide youth rallies.

We help youth develop into leaders at all levels of the United Methodist Church:

  • our local church youth groups;
  • our district boards and agencies;
  • our conference and jurisdictional councils on youth ministry.

We educate youth on social and missional issues, and advocate for these issues on behalf of our youth.

We want all local churches in the SouthWest district to be involved in district events. If you have an active youth group in your church, then we want you. We believe that youth are the church of “right now”!  Student leadership is extremely important to us in everything that we do, and we want your leaders! Each Church in our district is invited to the district meetings, to help plan and get connected.  This is extremely important to us that you join the meetings in the upcoming year! We plan these events for YOU and if it’s not something that you like we won’t know to do any different!

Traveler’s Game Sunday, August 7, 2016

$16 per person includes Burger/hotdog meal

Meal starts at 5pm  | Game starts at 6pm

Get ready for some Travelers’ baseball and district fellowship. Southwest District Council on Youth Ministries is sponsoring the Arkansas Travelers’  annual Youth Week Kick Off Night, at Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock.

YouthWeek is a celebration!

So let’s celebrate the love of God and let everyone within the South West District hear that we are united together and contributing our spiritual gifts to cause an uproar all around us. So how do you participate in youth week? Well we would love to encourage all of you to take part in the Travellers game in Little Rock to kick the week off! These events not only are a great time but offer an opportunity to glorify God as a group! We encourage churches all around to do something great for youth week the first week in August. Build a slip and slide out of random materials! Go to a movie! Have a bonfire! Have a pool party! The money from these events can go to great causes such as Methodist Family Health, Image no Malaria, and YSF! Don’t forget to take pictures for us as well to show what you guys have done! Our hashtag is SWYouthweek. 

Rosemarie Gagnon

Rosemarie Gagnon

District Co-Coordinator

Josh Holt

Josh Holt

District Co-Coordinator

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